The Embankment is a quiet neighbor to more than 300 properties along its
immediate length, and a historic and open space asset to Jersey City.
Its future as a place for everyone to enjoy can be realized
only with the support of people like you, acting on its behalf.

Get involved to turn current possibilities into realities.


The Embankment Preservation Coalition is an all-volunteer organization. We depend on local support to continue our preservation activities. Please be generous with your donation!

How can I volunteer?

As a nonprofit, grassroots organization with an all-volunteer board and no paid staff, the Embankment Preservation Coalition depends on volunteers for everything from one-time tasks to regular support. 

Become a Member

Members are the bedrock of the Coalition.  With your support, we can make the Embankment park a reality!



Meet other Embankment supporters at one of our events.  Some events are Embankment-centric, others highlight related historic and environmental topics. Subscribe and stay up-to-date on coming events.