The Coalition envisions that the Embankment will be owned by Jersey City and
reused as a linear park and trail, a segment of the East Coast Greenway and
Liberty-Water Gap Trail. It will be a serene oasis in a densely populated city.
Public access, with safeguards for habitat and adjoining communities, will
ensure that this historic structure continues to serve generations to come.

Our Vision

To initiate discussions on what will become a public process, in 2006 the Embankment Preservation Coalition commissioned a design by Cassandra Wilday Associates for an Embankment linear park that would run along six elevated Embankment blocks, from Marin Boulevard to Brunswick Street, as well as an additional grade-level parcel. Embankment segments would be reconnected by bridges, with entrances at eastern and western ends. 

The design features a habitat strip reserved for possible future light rail (a city goal); a segment of the Maine-to-Florida East Coast Greenway walking and biking trail; and habitat-oriented areas with smaller walking paths, nature-oriented amenities, and environmental sculpture.