The Embankment is a quiet neighbor to more than 300 properties along its
immediate length, and a historic and open space asset to Jersey City.
Its future as a place for everyone to enjoy can be realized
only with the support of people like you, acting on its behalf.

Get involved to turn current possibilities into realities.


The Embankment Preservation Coalition operates with an all-volunteer board and with volunteers from the community.  Over the years volunteers have staffed our outreach table at local fairs and festivals, helped organize events, distributed information to the neighborhoods, provided consultation on historic preservation and the environment, lent their professional expertise for architectural renderings, web site design, art, and photography, and helped us forged alliances with supportive local and regional organizations. We can put people with all sorts of background and skills to work, for as little as an hour or for a regular commitment. 

(If you've already joined as a member and indicated that you want to volunteer, there is no need to fill out this form.)

Thanks to Our Volunteer Design Team

Talented volunteers, among them architects, designers, a project manager, writer, editor, and web site builder, gave generously of their skills and time to create this web site and displays for the Embankment Preservation Coalition.  Their work is a testament to the importance of our volunteers.  The Coalition gives special thanks to the following:

Tom Sopkovich, creative design
Stephen Musgrave, webmaster
Mike Francisco, editor
Roman Pohorecki, architect
Harry Paul Ross, architect
AV Goodsell, social media
Mark Bonsignore, planner
Greg Gallimore, design
Aramazt Kalayjian, design
Dave Stanke, DNS server support

Become a Member

Members are the bedrock of the Coalition.  With your support, we can make the Embankment park a reality!